About the author

My name is Matt Henderson. I’m an investor and builder in the blockchain industry. Prior to that, I started, grew and sold an aerospace engineering company in Germany. You can learn more about my personal story at my website, or professional career at LinkedIn.

About this book

In my early twenties, earning minimum wage at a grocery store, I learned about an approach to investing that’s accessible to everyone, has worked for generations, and has the power to turn modest savings into surprisingly large amounts of wealth.

With discipline and regular saving, I confirmed over the next fifteen years that those principles work. My small investments had grown such that I could afford to quit my job, and self-finance a new engineering company.

Reflecting on such a life-changing experience, I realized that everybody needs to understand the fundamentals of investing, and above all, young people. And it struck me as astonishing that these principles are not taught in school.

I started recommending the investment books I’d read to my friends, but many didn’t finish them. It turns out most of those books are simply too long, and dilute the basic message that everybody should be investing, with unnecessary complexities.

In my business, we apply the principles of design to create products that are easy-to-use, friction-free and effective. And since writing is a form of design, I set out to address the problem of investing education, by writing a book with the following goals:

  • It should be concise, requiring no more than an hour to read.
  • It should be complete and actionable, including everything you need to get started.
  • It should convince and motivate to you to start investing today.
  • It should be freely available to everybody.

Based on the emails I’ve received from people around the world, who after reading Money for Something got started on the path to investing, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I hope you also enjoy the book, and begin on your on path to financial freedom.

If you like the book, I have two requests:

  1. Above all, please share it with someone. The book is free, so there’s nothing in the way of spreading investing education as far as possible.

  2. If you’d like to help support the operation of this site and the blog, I accept donations in Bitcoin and Monero cryptocurrencies, via the widgets in the footer.

Thanks so much, and if you’d like to say hello, I’d love to hear from you.