Where to invest?

In Money for Something, we recommend investing in an ETF-based diversified portfolio, using a low-cost brokerage. On this page, we’ll list a number of options, around the world.

Schwab (USA)

Schwab is one of the oldest and largest brokerages in the United States, that consistently ranks among the best in both costs and customer service. I list it first, as they are one of the few brokerages willing to open accounts for non-US citizens. Although there is no minimum balance for US citizens, there is one for non-US citizens of $10,000.

Vanguard (USA)

Vanguard is another large and established brokerage in the United States, and currently offers free trades on Vanguard ETFs. Since the allocations recommended in Money for Something are based mostly on Vanguard ETFs, this could be a good option.

TD Ameritrade (USA)

An American brokerage owned by TD, and known for its top-knotch website and mobile app access.

Swissquote (Switzerland)

An online brokerage in Switzerland, offering the conveniences typically found among the established American online firms, including access to ETFs trading on the American markets. My Spanish wife used to use Swissquote, until we discovered that—which have far lower purchase and sell commissions for US-traded ETFs—will open accounts for non-Americans.

De Giro (Europe)

Although I don’t have personal experience with them, De Giro seems to have become one of the most popular European low-cost brokerages. Originally founded in Holland, De Giro now has branches in nearly all European countries. I have several friends who invest with De Giro in Spain, and have been very happy with them.

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